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The sale or purchase of real estate is not a game. It is a challenge! Financially and emotionally, there is no way to miss the transaction because there will be no second chance.

How to be sure not to be mistaken? What are your rights and obligations as a buyer? What is the role of the real estate agent? What guarantees can he give you?

The expertise of the property, financial and inheritance rights, special or suspensive clauses of the unit on agreements, legal obligations, and negotiations ... These aspects are not simple, the regulations are complex and the questions are frequent.

The real estate agent is a person acting in an independent manner and for third parties as:

  • Intermediary for the sale, purchase, lease or transfer of permanent property, property rights or commercial matters;
  • Administrator service consists of accounting management, technical and administrative management of your property.

Regulated by the Institute of Real Estate Agents (IPI) is our job as real estate agents to anticipate your questions and answer them.

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